Saber MalekzadeH, Born in May 1993. Bachelor Graduated of Computer Science at University of Tabriz and Master of Computer Science in Intelligent Systems (Artificial Intelligence) at Vali-e-asr University.

Research Interest: Machine Learning, Signal Processing

Publications and Workshops Certificates:

- Article “Persian phoneme recognition with MFCC and ANN on PCVC speech dataset” Submitted to “International Congress on Smart Technologies” (Webpage)

- Holding of "Analysis of Spiking Data" Workshop (Poster)

- Attendance in "Analysis of Spiking Data (Computational Neuroscience)" Workshop of Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg. (Certificate)

- Article “Fuzzy Controller of Reward of Reinforcement Learning in Digit Recognition” accepted in “The third international conference of applied researches in Computer Science and Information Technology” and indexed in Civilica and ISC (Certificate(Civilica Webpage)


DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20222.79688


- Article “A fast and secure transition method by combination of AES and LZ4 algorithms” accepted in “The third international conference of applied researches in Computer Science and Information Technology” and indexed in Civilica and ISC (Certificate(Civilica Webpage)


DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.33644.56960


- B.S thesis entitled “Design and implementing of process self-protection tool



- Patent as “Anti-earthquake and anti-impact flexible structures” in Iran patent Registration organization

- Chosen as top patent in 9th and 10th Khwarizmi patent festival

- Chosen as top patent in top state ideas in E-A state

- Chosen as top patent in Kuhsaran patent festival of National Elites Foundation

- Presentation of UML and Database ER of Social Encyclopedia

- Presentation of a magnetic Car model without fuel for special uses

Scientific Competitions:

- Chosen as Top programmer of Programming Contest of Vali-e-asr University

- Chosen as Top programmer of Programming Contest of Tabriz University

- Chosen as Top programmer of North-Western Programming Contest in Shabestar branch of Islamic Azad University

Scientific Levels:

- Finished advanced level of English, in Iran language institute (ILI).
- Secretary of Scientific Association of Computer science in B.S and Membership of Scientific Association of Computer science in M.S.
- Attendance in "Harekat" festival (national festival of student scientific associations) in 2010 (University of Tehran).
- Membership of writers association of East Azerbaijan state.
- Membership of voluntary Associations

Projects and Activities:

Researches and Programming with C++, C#, ASP, Java, Python, PHP, Assembly, Android, Matlab and also design codes like HTML, CSS, JavaScript that are Consist of These projects:

- Design and Implementing of new method to better phoneme separation and recognition in speech recognition (Matlab)

- Implementation of mood recognition on brain EEG signal with deep neural network (Python)

- Implementing of phoneme recognition system on Persian language (Matlab and Python)

- Design of a Deep neural network for pre-processed phoneme sound recognition (Tensorflow(Python))

- Design and Implementing of Intelligent Real-time question answering system (Python)

- Implementing of Isolated word Speech Recognition (Matlab)

- Implementing of Environmental Sounds Recognition (Matlab)

- Implementing of Single Neuron Signal Analysis (Matlab)

- Holding of "Analysis of Spiking Data" Conference

- Implementing of detection of weed intensity in agricultural land (Matlab)

- Design and Implementing of measuring the laser change in the passage of materials (Matlab)

- Research on Computational Neuroscience

- Research on Analysis of Spiking Data

- Research on Speech recognition

- Research on Phoneme-based speech recognition

- Research on Environmental Sound recognition

- Research on Sound signal processing

- Research on Sound Localization

- Research on Diagnosis of optical devices in the environment

- Research on Digit Recognition

- Research on Improvement of meta-heuristic Algorithms

- Research on Deep Artificial Neural Networks

- Research on Machine learning especially deep and reinforcement learning

- Design and Implementation of Big-data transferring Web-API (Python)

- Creation of virtual server based on Cent OS and a high-traffic website on it

- Design and implementing of a BMI expert fuzzy model (Matlab)

- Implementing of some meta-heuristic algorithms (Matlab)

- Implementing of NLP Project in Language model design (Python)

- Design and implementing of Android Program about biography (Android)

- Design and implementing of object oriented university education management system (C++)

- Design and implementing of a Windows based malware (C#)

- Design and implementing of Assembly text file Reader/Writer (Assembly)

- Design and implementing of Windows Based Search Engine (C++)

- Implementing of Strasen Matrixes Multiplication, Hoffman Coding, Knapsack, TSP, etc. (C#)

- Implementing of Kruskal, Dijkstra, Prime, Knapsack, Bellman-ford, etc. (C#)

- Implementing of N Queen with recursive function and Genetic Algorithm (Matlab)

- Implementing of B+ Tree Search (C++)

- Implementing of A*, Hill Climbing, 8 Blocks, etc. (C#)

- Implementing of Maze with A*, Recursive Function and BFS (C#)

- Design and implementing of object oriented Family tree (C++)

- Design and implementing of Multi-thread programming with Semaphore Data Structure (C#)

- Design and implementing of a Compiler with letter by letter analyze (C#)

- Design and implementing of Social Encyclopedia with UML and ER model (C#)

- Design and implementing of as an Informing website (PHP)

- Implementing of information transition with socket programming (C#, Python)

- Checking of Network model of websites with Wire-shark

- Implementing of a Cisco router model (Wire-shark)

- Participated in Network+ and basic Windows network courses

- Implementing of Simplex optimization method (Matlab)

- GIF and Flash Advertisement banner designing

- Model Design in 3dmax and Cinema4d

- Familiar with Linux Different distributions like Ubuntu, Red-hat, Mint, etc.

Financial works:

- CTO in Alomina health-care department

- Design and Implementation of Intelligent Real-time medical QA system for Alomina

- Design of a healthcare website for intelligent real-time medical question answering

- Working on Image Processing Projects

- Page and Logo Design of Journals

- Manager of informing website of

- Technician and software project manager in Tabriz computer emergency

- Software project manager in Rayan Fartak Azar

- Technician, selling manager and software project manager in ADA computer

- Seller and software technician in Aslani mobile store

- Programmer in IT management of University of Tabriz

- Ielts online test website project manager and designer

- Web Advertisement banners designer

- Typist in Pardis computer services

Contact me:


Phone: +98-9142232172

Signal Processing & Machine Learning in Artificial Intelligence Lab Room #242, Mathematics and Computer Sciences Faculty
Vali-e-asr University, Rafsanjan, Iran

Saber MalekzadeH