Saber MalekzadeH

M.Sc. Student of Computer Science in Intelligent Systems

Born in May 1993


M.Sc. Computer Science (Intelligent Systems)

Vali-e-asr University, Iran, 2015-now

Proposal Title: “Persian Phoneme Based Speech Recognition”

Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Hossein Gholizadeh

Advisor: Dr.Seyed Naser Razavi (University of Tabriz)


B.Sc. Computer Science

University of Tabriz, Iran, 2010-2015

Final dissertation: “Design and Implementation of Self-defense process tool”

Supervisor: Dr. Jaber Karimpour

Research Interest:

Deep learning

Sound Processing

Image Processing

Brain Computer Interaction


Reinforcement Learning


[1] Article “Persian phoneme recognition with STFT and Convolutional LSTM Deep Neural Network on PCVC speech dataset” preparing to submit to Speech Communications journal.

Abstract: In this paper a new method of phoneme recognition on Persian phonemes is proposed. The method is applied on denoised PCVC (Persian Consonant-Vowel Combination) speech dataset. There are 29 phonemes of Persian phonemes combined in this dataset. Every sound sample has two phonemes which first one is consonant and the second one is vowel pronounced together. There are all possible combination of 23 consonant and 6 vowels of Persian. For the recognition purpose, first phonemes are separated and extracted as sound samples from samples in PCVC with different time lengthes due to their length of pronunciation. Then STFT (Short time Fourier transform) is taken from every sound sample with fixed parameters. After that, all STFT data are zero padded to being given to deep neural network for the recognition process. Since all samples were 2d samples of Time-Frequency domain and also were related to each other, 2d Convolutional LSTM is used. After testing several parameters, in best experiment, a 83 percent phoneme recognition accuracy.


[2] Article “Persian vowel phoneme recognition with MFCC and ANN on PCVC speech dataset” Accepted in “The 5th International Conference of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology 2018”. (Download)

Abstract: In this paper a new method for recognition of consonant-vowel phonemes combination on a new Persian speech dataset titled as PCVC (Persian Consonant-Vowel Combination) is proposed which is used to recognize Persian phonemes. In PCVC dataset, there are 20 sets of audio samples from 10 speakers which are combinations of 23 consonant and 6 vowel phonemes of Persian language. In each sample, there is a combination of one vowel and one consonant. First, the consonant phoneme is pronounced and just after it, the vowel phoneme is pronounced. Each sound sample is a frame of 2 seconds of audio. In every 2 seconds, there is an average of 0.5 second speech and the rest is silence. In this paper, the proposed method is the implementations of the MFCC (Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients) on every partitioned sound sample. Then, every train sample of MFCC vector is given to a multilayer perceptron feed-forward ANN (Artificial Neural Network) for training process. At the end, the test samples are examined on ANN model for phoneme recognition. After training and testing process, the results are presented in recognition of vowels. Then, the average percent of recognition for vowel phonemes are computed.


[3] Article “Laser Deviation measurement in passing through objects with pixel coordination changes measurement” preparing to submit to “Iranian Journal of Physics Research” (in collaboration with Laser lab of Vali-e-asr university)


[4] Article “A new method of DDOS attack detection by adding new features for classification with ANN” Submitted to “26th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering 2018” (in Persian) (in collaboration with Network Security lab of Sajjad university of Technology of Mashhad)


[5] Article “Composite Flexibility measurement with image processing for tracking of pixels of Composite photo” Submitted to “9th students conference on mechanical engineering 2018” (in Persian) (in collaboration with Solid Mechanics lab of Vali-e-asr university)


[6] Article “Fuzzy Controller of Reward of Reinforcement Learning in Digit Recognition” accepted in “The third international conference of applied researches in Computer Science and Information Technology 2016” and indexed in Civilica and ISC (In Persian) (Certificate(Civilica Webpage) (Download)

Abstract: Recognition of human environment with computer systems always was a big deal in artificial intelligence. In this area handwriting recognition and conceptualization of it to computer is an important area in it. In the past years with growth of machine learning in artificial intelligence, efforts to using this technique increased. In this paper is tried to using fuzzy controller, to optimizing amount of reward of reinforcement learning for recognition of handwritten digits. For this aim first a sample of every digit with 10 standard computer fonts, given to actor and then actor is trained. In the next level is tried to test the actor with dataset and then results show improvement of recognition when using fuzzy controller of reinforcement learning.


[7] Article “A fast and secure transition method by combination of AES and LZ4 algorithms” accepted in “The third international conference of applied researches in Computer Science and Information Technology 2016” and indexed in Civilica and ISC (In Persian) (Certificate(Civilica Webpage). (Download)

Abstract: From a long time ago, beside encryption of data and making it secure, compression packing it was also important that could make transmission of data faster. In the past years need for improvement of encryption and compression for a fast and easy transmission is more necessary. In this paper, a new method for combination of LZ4 combination and AES encryption algorithms for a fast and easy packing, securing and compressing of data is presented. Choose of these two algorithms was for some special features of them about aim of this paper. This paper also is introducing a method for Parallelism of compression and encryption in a special way for improvement of speed and security of data.


[8] B.S thesis entitled “Design and implementing of process self-protection tool” 2014. (In Persian) (Download)


Workshops Certificates:

- Holding of "Analysis of Spiking Data" Workshop (Poster)

- Attendance in "Analysis of Spiking Data (Computational Neuroscience)" Workshop of Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg. (Certificate)


- Patent as “Anti-earthquake and anti-impact flexible structures” Registered in Iran patent Registration organization

- Patent as “Social Interactive Encyclopedia” presented in 10th Khwarizmi Patents Festival

- Patent as “magnetic Car model without fuel for special uses” presented in 10th Khwarizmi Patents Festival


Scientific Competitions:

- Chosen as Top programmer of Programming Contest of Vali-e-asr University, Tabriz University, Shabestar branch of Islamic Azad University

Chosen as top patent in 9th and 10th Khwarizmi patent festival, Kuhsaran patent festival of National Elites Foundation


Programming languages:

Programming languages

Professional working proficiency

Good working proficiency

Elementary proficiency


























Natural Languages:

Natural languages


Professional working proficiency

Elementary proficiency

















Teaching Experiences:

Course Title


Teaching Status



Data Structures




Vali-e-asr University

Digital Image Processing




Vali-e-asr University

Algorithm Design




Vali-e-asr University

Advanced Programming




University of Tabriz



Course: Natural Language Processing


- Implementing of NLP Project in Language model design (Python)

Course: Advanced Programming


- Design and implementing of Android Program about biography (Android)

- Design and implementing of object oriented university education management system (C++)

Course: Machine language and Assembly


- Design and implementing of Assembly text file Reader/Writer (Assembly)

Course: Algorithm design


- Implementing of Strasen Matrixes Multiplication, Hoffman Coding, Knapsack, TSP, etc. (C#)

- Implementing of Kruskal, Dijkstra, Prime, Knapsack, Bellman-ford, etc. (C#)

Course: Advanced Artificial Intelligence


- Implementing of N Queen with recursive function and Genetic Algorithm (Matlab)

- Design and implementing of a BMI expert fuzzy model (Matlab)

Course: Data Save and Recovery


                                - Design and implementing of Windows Based Search Engine (C++)

- Implementing of B+ Tree Search (C++)

Course: Artificial Intelligence


- Implementing of A*, Hill Climbing, 8 Blocks, etc. (C#)

Course: Data Structures


- Design and implementing of object oriented Family tree (C++)

Course: Operating Systems


- Design and implementing of Multi-thread programming with Semaphore Data Structure (C#)

Course: Compilers


- Design and implementing of a Compiler with letter by letter analyze (C#)

Course: Computer Networks


- Design and implementing of Social Encyclopedia with UML and ER model (C#)

Course: Computer Networks


                                - Implementing of information transition with socket programming (C#, Python)

- Implementing of a Cisco router model (Wire-shark)

Course: Operation Research


- Implementing of Simplex optimization method (Matlab)

Selected Experiences:

In Collaboration with Quchan University of Advanced Technologies Engineering (not published):

- Implementing of an Object Localization System based on Image processing (Matlab)

In Collaboration with Zarand Higher Education Complex (not published):

- Implementing of detection of mood in brain EEG signals with SVM and ANN (Matlab)

In Collaboration with IT Lab of Sajjad University (Submitted):

- Implementing of detection of DDOS attack with Artificial Neural Networks (Matlab)

In Collaboration with Composite Lab of Vali-e-asr University (Submitted):

- Implementing of Composite resistance with Image processing (Matlab)

In Collaboration with AI Lab of Vali-e-asr University (not published):

- Implementing of detection of weed intensity in agricultural land (Matlab)

In Collaboration with Laser Lab of Vali-e-asr University (preparing to publish):

- Design and Implementing of measuring the laser change in the passage of materials (Matlab)

In Collaboration with Alomina Healthcare Department:

                                - Design and Implementing of Intelligent Real-time question answering system (Python)

- Design and Implementation of Big-data transferring Web-API (Python)

Work Experiences:

-          CTO and AI developer in Alomina Healthcare Department

-          Technician in Computer Emergency of Tabriz

-          Software Manager in Aslani Mobile Shop

-          CTO in Rayan Fartak Azar

Contact me:

EMail: 0smalek0[at]

Phone: +98-9142232172

Saber MalekzadeH